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Project Description
TypeLoader can achieve a vertical Japanese text processing such as WPF more easily.
TypeLoader acquires the substitution table for vertical text processing reading the file of TrueType or OpenType directly.
It's developed in Visual C# 2010 Express.

開発環境は Visual C# 2010 Express です。

  • Listing of vertical glyph substitution. (OpenType or TrueType) ※縦書きグリフへの変換表の取得
  • Listing of ligature glyph substitution. (OpenType) ※合字グリフへの変換表の取得
  • Listing of proportional metrics. (OpenType) ※プロポーショナルメトリクスの取得
  • Listing of half width metrics. (OpenType) ※約物文字等の半角幅メトリクスの取得
  • Listing of kerning metrics. (OpenType) ※カーニングメトリクスの取得

  • .NET Framework 2.0


Dim u As Uri = New UriBuilder("file", "", -1, "C:\Windows\Fonts\MSGOTHIC.ttc", "#2").Uri

Dim gtf As New System.Windows.Media.GlyphTypeface(u)

Dim info As New TypefaceInfo(gtf.GetFontStream(), CInt(u.Fragment.Replace("#", "")))

Dim vmap1 As SingleGlyphConverter = info.GetVerticalGlyphConverter()

Dim vmap2 As SingleGlyphConverter = info.GetAdvancedVerticalGlyphConverter()

Dim hhalf As SingleAdjustmentMetrics = info.GetHalfAdjustmentMetrics(False)

Dim vhalf As SingleAdjustmentMetrics = info.GetHalfAdjustmentMetrics(True)

Dim hpalt As SingleAdjustmentMetrics = info.GetProportionalAdjustmentMetrics(False)

Dim vpalt As SingleAdjustmentMetrics = info.GetProportionalAdjustmentMetrics(True)

Dim kern As PairAdjustmentMetrics = info.GetKerningAdjustmentMetrics()

Dim liga As LigatureGlyphConverter = info.GetLigatureGlyphConverter()

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